SchemaLAB is a research group which operates on the intersection of Architecture, Engineering and Construction.  Our research focuses on the integration of non-linear generative design strategies with numerical analyses (environmental, structural)  as well as construction simulations for architectural purposes.

One of the core objectives of the group is to explore the value of the emergent, non-standard, and geometrically intricate as a viable post fordist solution in a data driven design context . In order to achieve such a goal we are investigating bottom up design approaches and implement them through the use of Multi Agent Systems. Through a series of research projects we aim to develop and establish a computational methodology which couples numerical methods for the structural and environmental design of structures with  generative parameters in order to enable architects search larger solution space, aid the decision making and ultimately steer the design making process towards novel solutions to complex design problems.

The group is complrised from Ph.D students from different departments (Computer Science, Civil Engineering)  of the Viterbi school of engineering and master students from the school of Architecture

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