Ecaade 2017


Presentation of schemalab’s research entitled “Emergent order through fluctuations” at the Sapienza University in Rome/Italy during the eCaaDe 2017 conference.  The topic of the conference was Sharing Computable Knowledge (Shock!)  and our research project explored the emergence of generative patterns through the mechanical encoding of behavior into low level robots (bristlebots). The work was done at Autodesk’s BUILDSpace with support from Autodesk and the Institute of Advanced Catalonia (IAAC)


Ecaade 2016


Presentation of the work: “Interactive form finding of reciprocal frames through a multi-agent system” at the eCaade Conference in Oulu Finland.


Simaud 2016



We are happy to participate at this years’ Simaud Conference in London with our research paper entitled: “A Multi-Agent System for Design: Geometric Complexity in support of Building Performance”. For more info

Caad Futures 2015